Dried Anchovy Fish | Nethili | Netholi | Kati | Kozhuva​

  • Fish Name: Anchovy /Netholi / Nethili / Kozhuva / Poravallu
  • Quantity: 200Grams / 400Grams Packs
  • Hygienically dried in Advanced Fish Dryer Machine
  • 100% Natural – No Added Preservatives or Chemicals
  • Minimum Salt and Moisture Content for Long Shelf Life
  • Maximum Retention of Nutrition and Omega 3 Fatty Acids
  • Shipping: Within 24 Working Hours
  • Mfg Date: Freshly Packs After Order Confirmation
  • Shelf Life: 6 Months
  • Fish Name: Anchovy /Netholi / Nethili / Kozhuva / Poravallu
  • Quantity: 200Grams / 400Grams Packs
  • Hygienically dried in Advanced Fish Dryer Machine
  • 100% Natural – No Added Preservatives or Chemicals
  • Minimum Salt and Moisture Content for Long Shelf Life
  • Maximum Retention of Nutrition and Omega 3 Fatty Acids
  • Shipping: Within 24 Working Hours
  • Mfg Date: Freshly Packs After Order Confirmation
  • Shelf Life: 6 Months

200 Grams

₹ 249

Shipping Charge ₹ 39

400 Grams

₹ 475

Free Shipping & Delivery

Hygienically dried in UV protected solar cabinet driers

Retains Maximum Nutrients & Omega 3 fatty acids

Optimum Salt Content & Minimum Moisture Content

High Shelf Life & Premium Consumer Packing

What is Sagara Dry Fish ?
Sagara Dry Fish by Dry Fish Store is a 100% hygienic and natural dry fish product produced with utmost quality. Sagara Dried Anchovy Fish is one of our top selling products across India. Anchovy (Stolephorus indices) fish is also known as kati, netholi, nethili, kozhuva, etc. The small and thin body shape of anchovy fish makes it one of the most suitable fishes for dry fish preparation. It requires a very minimum salt content and can hold their tasty flavour for longer time when dried.

Storage Instructions
Sagara Dried Anchovy fishes can be stored in dry cool condition in an airtight container with zero moisture exposure

Allergy Caution: Contains sea food

1 Kg Dry Fish = 4Kg Fresh Fish:  Our international standard fish drying process follows 4:1 of fresh fish to dry fish proportion. (Optimum Salt & Least Moisture)


  • ×  No chemical preservatives or ammonia
  •   100% Natural Raw Dry Fish
  • × No physical debris or external wastes
  • Fully washed, cleaned & machine dried inside the factory
  • × No old stock or stale fish processing
  • Dries fresh fish collected directly from the fishing harbor
  • Ships only freshly packed products

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Customer Reviews

Life Saviour for Fish Lovers

Vijith Suji

Great quality dry fish, Thank you Dry Fish Store and Sagara. Such a life saviour for fish maniacs in other states.

Premium Quality Dry Fish

Manjula Asok

The best part is it is 100% clean, unlike the local market dry fish you won’t even find a single drop of sand or mud. 

Best Choice Dry Fish

User 18503780

Totally happy with the purchase. I can now survive another 2 months happily without having to worry about the fish part.

This Made My Mom Happy

Vineesh Syam

Finally my mom is totally happy on something that I bought online. She says this gives her nostalgic memories of her Kerala childhood 🙂

Nice Flavour and Taste

Saira Muhammed

It is fully cleaned and ready to cook. You got a regular customer.

Good Product


The product is packed in international standards. Fish is clean and tasty

Hygienically Prepared

Jinson Thomas

Good Product. It doesn’t have intense flavour of dry fish. Hygienically prepared. I will definitely reorder. 

Paisa Wasool

Gita Bisht

Excellent dry fish.Easy to prepare. you don’t have to worry about cleaning and removing sand like local dry fish. Paisa wasool I would say.

Full Mark

Sagara Dry Fish Customer

This par apart from the local market dry fish. I am a regular user of dry fish and this product has scored 5/5 from my standards.