Dried Lizard Fish | Uluva Meen | Kadal Varaal

  • Fish Name: Lizard Fish / Uluva Meen / Kadal Varaal
  • Quantity: 200Grams / 400Grams Packs
  • Ready to Cook: Cleaned, Dressed & Cut Pieces
  • Hygienically dried in Advanced Fish Dryer Machine
  • 100% Natural – No Added Preservatives or Chemicals
  • Minimum Salt and Moisture Content for Long Shelf Life
  • Maximum Retention of Nutrition and Omega 3 Fatty Acids
  • Shipping: Within 24 Working Hours
  • Mfg Date: Freshly Packs After Order Confirmation
  • Shelf Life: 6 Months
  • Fish Name: Lizard Fish / Uluva Meen / Kadal Varaal
  • Quantity: 200Grams / 400Grams Packs
  • Ready to Cook: Cleaned, Dressed & Cut Pieces
  • Hygienically dried in Advanced Fish Dryer Machine
  • 100% Natural – No Added Preservatives or Chemicals
  • Minimum Salt and Moisture Content for Long Shelf Life
  • Maximum Retention of Nutrition and Omega 3 Fatty Acids
  • Shipping: Within 24 Working Hours
  • Mfg Date: Freshly Packs After Order Confirmation
  • Shelf Life: 6 Months

200 Grams

₹ 249

Shipping Charge ₹ 39

400 Grams

₹ 475

Free Shipping & Delivery

Hygienically dried in UV protected solar cabinet driers

Retains Maximum Nutrients & Omega 3 fatty acids

Optimum Salt Content & Minimum Moisture Content

High Shelf Life & Premium Consumer Packing

What is Sagara Dry Fish ?
Sagara Dry Fish by Dry Fish Store is a 100% hygienic and natural dry fish product produced with utmost quality.

Sagara Dried Lizard Fish is  100% natural and dried raw fish. Lizard Fish is also known in other names like Uluva Fish, Kadal Varaal, Uluvachi, etc. These fishes are well known for their taste and quality when dried. These flushy fishes are a great choice for both curry and fry dishes.


Storage Instructions
Sagara dried lizard fish can be stored in dry cool condition in an airtight container with zero moisture exposure

Allergy Caution: Contains sea food

1 Kg Dry Fish = 4Kg Fresh Fish:  Our international standard fish drying process follows 4:1 of fresh fish to dry fish proportion. (Optimum Salt & Least Moisture)


  • ×  No chemical preservatives or ammonia
  •   100% Natural Raw Dry Fish
  • × No physical debris or external wastes
  • Fully washed, cleaned & machine dried inside the factory
  • × No old stock or stale fish processing
  • Dries fresh fish collected directly from the fishing harbor
  • Ships only freshly packed products

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Customer Reviews

Yummy Dry Fish

Vaiga Nanthan

Awesome quality dry fish. Yummy and Super Tasty Stuff

Lock Down Saviour

Sona Shetty

Thanks to Dry Fish Store for serving this quality and hygenic dry fish during these lock down days.

Tasty Dry Fish

Customer 74903027

I was not familiar to this fish, Just gave it a try and it was a delightful experience. Will order again

Fantastic Service

Rajesh Slasher

Never imagined that this quality dry fish will be available online. Thank you guys.

Worth the Money

Deepak 84057484

The quantity of fish is plenty I would say. Because it is extremely dried.

Healthy and Tasty

Ria Lamar

If you are a regular dry fish consumer, you will understand the quality of this product in the first look itself.

Go for It

Krupa Malavo

So far I have tried anchovy, lizard fish and shrimps from dry fish store. They are just simply the best in dry fish.

Tasty Treat

Pankaj Dhalwan

This is the first time I am hearing this fish name. I just wanted something fresh and healthy. This is as good as fresh fish.